Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Birds Nest Necklace

Thank you Pinterest! I have a serious bipolar relationship with this crafty website. I love the inspiration and tutorials I find on Pinterest, but I have to wonder... how much more crafting could I get done with the hours I spend wandering from board to board. Today is a Pro-Pinterest day. Without such a time-sucking brilliant site, I would never have stumbled upon this necklace tutorial.

Bracelet made from leftover leather cord that I used for the necklace. It's just 2 pieces of cord twisted together. So simple. Such wonderful raw edges.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Boys I-Spy Quilt

Christmas present for my nephew. I used the same cheater binding that I did on my hand quilted baby quilt. In an attempt to make the quilt a little modern, I only used I-spy quilt patches on every other patch. My most time-consuming craft to date, but pretty self-explanatory.

Back view of the quilt. To monogram the quilt I cut out letters with my cricut on paper (I have yet to master cutting fabric with the cricut) traced the paper letters on the flannel, cut out the flannel letters, sewed with a zigzag stitch.