Monday, November 25, 2013

Flavored Toothpicks Tutorial

Crafts, crafts everywhere and not a girl to craft for. Beautifully handmade things are sadly unappreciated by boys, but here's a craft I found that even my husband drools over. Homemade
flavored toothpicks are yummy and easy to make.

You need:
A small jar
A flavor oil (bought in the candy making section of craft stores or baking section of health food stores. Rootbeer was my favorite, but I'd love to find some bacon flavor oil for a real man-treat)
Box of toothpicks

Pour a small amount of your chosen flavor oil into the bottom of your jar. I poured til I had about an 1/8th inch layer
Stand your toothpicks up in the jar. If you’re making a very small batch of toothpicks, you’ll want to use a small jar like a spice jar so that none of your toothpicks are laying flat in the jar.
Cover and let toothpicks soak. The amount of time you leave them depends on your preference of strength. I left them overnight.
Bake at 200f for 5-10 min spread out on an aluminum sheet
Repeat for as many flavors as your heart desires

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