Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tot Trays 4, 5, &6

Tot trays have become a regular activity around here. I love the one-on-one time, the tv-free fun, and fine motor practice. There's no real rules, just exploring the things we have around the house (look at that it's free) in new ways (woo-who! brain stimulation!).

Tot Tray 4-
Sort colored pasta into recycled yogurt cups. We'll need to try this again in a bit. Fisher enjoyed pouring the pasta in and out of the cups and naming the colors, but not so much about the sorting. Laughing at mommy sorting the pasta was pretty exciting.

Tot Tray 5-
Set out strips of colored paper for your tot to shred into confetti. We used purple, green, and yellow to celebrate Mardi Gras. Fisher's love for all things inedible does not end with paper! When we had exhausted the joy out of tearing paper, we threw the confetti up in the air and shouted "hooray!" Made my day to hear such exuberant "hoo-way!"s coming from my little boy.

Tot Tray 6-
Pinch a cotton ball with a clothes pin and use it as a paint brush. We used scented paint that we found on clearance at Target. This provided added sensory fun. Fisher's need to make a great mess meant that we moved our painting fun to the bathtub. Just strip 'em down, let him go to town with the paint, and hose him down when you're done. Our paint said washable, but I had to scrub the walls a bit to get the staining off.

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  1. My girls enjoy painting in the tub also. Its the clean way to go