Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY Changing Pad Cover

So excited to get more sewing experience. I finally got up the courage to try a changing pad cover. There are wonderful tutorials all over the place, and this would have been even easier if I had chosen some stretchy material... all simple straight lines to sew. I wanted to use the remnants of yellow and gray cotton that I've been using through-out the baby room, so I needed to do a little structured sewing too.

From this angle you can see the four different fabrics I used.

My first time ever trying something structured. I placed my cover inside-out on the pad and pined the corners where I should sew. I'm terrible with following a pattern, but this common sense pin-and-sew is working out pretty well :)

Great Tutorials:

from: The Cozy Pumpkin

also from: The Cozy Pumpkin

from: TasteFULL

Not tutorials, but great inspiration:

CUSTOM Two-toned Contoured Changing Pad Cover in YOUR CHOICE of designer cotton and minky dot fabrics
from: sweetheart-n-sunshine

Custom Change Pad Cover in Your Choice(s) of Fabric
from: Dezignz By Liz

from: PettiBear's Fashion Roar


  1. Hi! I was looking at my blog stats, and saw that i had some views from your blog. :) Great looking changing pad. Loving the color scheme!


  2. Hi, my thoughts are exactly like amanda's above--noticed some traffic from your blog. Thanks! GREAT job on your changing pad cover! very pretty!

  3. I'm with the girlies above me :)
    Saw traffic from your blog to mine ...Great to know my changing pad inspired you!
    Keep up the good work!