Friday, March 16, 2012

Learning Letters- Toddler Scavenger Hunt

Cold day activity: Rosalie (age 2 1/2) wore this simple necklace as we walked through King Soopers. Armed with a pen, (because we forgot her favorite marker at home) she crossed out the letter when she found it on a product. Rosalie was so proud of herself when she had crossed off all 16 letters. We finished our adventure with a free kids cookie, and a banana that Rosalie got to pick all by herself.
Note for next time: Be sure to make the necklace extra long because it will get tangled and progressively shorter as she flips through the cards.

Update: We did this again for the zoo. Instead of hand written letters, we had printed pictures of animals. Every time Rosalie found the animal on the card, she named the letter that would go with it before she crossed it off.

This post is about a year old, created for a blog I no longer update. Can't wait until I get to use this idea with my Fisher.

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