Monday, April 2, 2012

Handmade Book Sling

 Book Slings! From the first day I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to make this for the grey and yellow nursery. It's a fabric pocket just the right size for picture books. I love that its placed at child height, and Fisher will be able to pick which book he wants from seeing the picture on the front. In a book case kids only get to see the side binding and will pull every book off the shelf in search on the one they want. I'd love to have a bin below of the books we keep, and refresh the books in the sling every week from our library trip. The sling is made from fabric and a double curtain rod. The full tutorial I followed said I could find cheap hardward at Lowes, but I didn't see it. I ended up spending $10 at Big Lots to buy a double curtain rod set that had everything included, which was cheaper than the estimated $16 from the tutorial anyway.
I love having a different fabric inside the sling. You really only see it when you look inside for a book, but the yellow is such a happy surprise.

The full original tutorial is available here:

from Penny Carnival

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  1. Hey, thanks for linking me! I love the curtain rod, it looks super classy :)