Monday, April 16, 2012

Soft Handmade Baby Blocks

One more baby shower to go to = one more chance to play with the sewing machine. I am really loving the pink and teal color combination. Too bad those colors aren't appropriate for my son. I think my husband would kill me. Or at least take away sewing privileges :)  For this project I put the blocks together first, then made a drawstring bag to hold them. Its a good thing I waited to make the bag. I would have ended up with a huge bag and not enough blocks. The blocks weren't especially difficult, but more time consuming than I would have guessed.


Some tutorials:

Soft Fabric Building Blocks - 2
from: cherry menlove

from: Sew Like My Mom
from: Smile and Wave

from: Zaaberry

This link is for purchasing a pattern, not a tutorial. By following one of the tutorials above, it'd be pretty simple to make them like these animals.

Animal Soft Blocks E-pattern
from: Sew Baby

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