Monday, June 11, 2012

Tummy Time Mat Tutorials

Here's the tummy time mat I made for Fisher. I love the mix of fabrics and using ribbon in the middle of the mat. The ribbon acts like Taggies, but is also a place for you to attach baby toys with plastic links. I suppose you could sew baby toys onto the mat, but if you use links, you could detach the toys when it comes time to wash the mat.

Here are some awesome tutorials:

Merriment :: Kid's Travel Toy Blanket with Velcro Loops and Ribbon  Tags free DIY tutorial and pattern template craft project for Merriment  Design by Kathy Beymer at
from: Merriment Design

from: make it and love it

Baby Blanket
from: today's top 20

from: Clothesline

from: Permanent Kisses

Next time I'd love to try a scalloped edge. This tutorial makes it look so easy!
from: Zaaberry

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  1. Where does one find the plastic links. Thank you Connie