Monday, September 3, 2012

Frog Tummy Time Mat- Baby Shower Gift

Here's me newest tummy time mat. I made this one for a friend's baby shower. I loved this blanket/mat so much, I decided to start an etsy shop with other mats. I'll never make any real money doing it, but I'll get to craft without feeling guilty about spending money constantly.

My new Etsy shop:

The mats are made of soft flannel which keeps the mat in place on the floor when baby is learning to push up. Many baby blankets are too slippery to use as a tummy time mat and will gather by baby's face as he pushes and pulls his arms. Fabrics are bright with high contrast patterns that attract baby's attention from birth onward. The upper-right corner of the blankets have 4 ribbon loops sewn in. This can act alone like a Taggies blanket, or can be used with plastic baby links to attach toys. The bottom-left corner of the blanket has a pocket for baby book, pacifier, or burp rag storage.

To make this mat I bought 1 yard of dark green fabric, 1 yard of frog fabric, 1/2 yard of light green fabric, 1/2 yard of orange fabric. At the end I still had more than enough fabric to make matching peepee teepees

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