Monday, January 9, 2012

Cheap Baby Room Art

Cheap Baby Room Art

I'm in the process of creating a white framed art collage for baby Fisher's room. So far every piece was found at goodwill. I like to go look every couple of weeks and pick up things that are 1/2 off that week. These 3 pieces were bought together.

The Inspiration:

 My Art:

All 3 frames were purchased at goodwill for 1.50 each. They were plain wood with old ugly art inside. I remover the art and painted them white with cheap acrylic paint. The background of each art is scrapbook paper.

On top of the scrap book paper I hot glued some remnant fabric that was used in other parts of the baby room.

I purposely fray the edges of the fabric to get a more vintage look.

The decorated bottle caps are made by cutting out little circles of scrapbook paper and hot gluing them onto a bottle cap. I save all bottle caps in a jar. It seems like such a waste to buy bottle caps at the craft store when beer bottle caps are everywhere.

Painted the yellow with two different acrylics paints. Dry. Stamped on the Little Wonder stamp ($1 acrylic stamp from Michael's) Paint over the stamped lines to make the image stand out more.

I used 2 different scrapbook papers for the background. The newspaper looking page is torn and glued onto the polka dot page. I painted the bird with acrylic paints following these step by step pics.


  1. What a great idea! I look forward to seeing the finished collage. You are so creative Laura!!