Monday, January 23, 2012

Water Bottle Labels for Gray and Yellow "Little Man" Baby Shower

The baby shower is almost here! I created these 4 labels for the Little Man Baby Shower next weekend. I'll put the first 2 labels on one sheet and the second 2 labels on another sheet. This way I can get cheaper printing at Kinko's for the black and white images. Using gray as a main color for the baby shower has saved a lot of money when it comes to color printing. These labels are free to anyone for personal use. Click on the image to enlarge.

How to use the labels- Here are some good sites with DIY instructions:

From Tator Tots and Jello using double-sided tape... easy but not water-proof
From Life Sweet Life using packing tape to create water-proof labels

Preppy Argyle Personalized Water Bottle Labels - set of 12
From Destination Wedding Favors to order online

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  1. Do you have these available as a download? When I click on the picture it just enlarges it…I'm not sure it will be the right size. Thanks!