Friday, January 20, 2012

Homemade Felt Board

My Felt Board:

Bella's First Birthday!
Bella (from my morning nanny family) turned 1 this week, so I wanted to make her something special. Every week we go to a library story time. I highly recommend going to storytime at your local library. Free learning, socialization, and practice in a classroom-type setting. At our library class, the teacher tells short stories or poems on a felt board. Every time the felt board comes out, Bella is very vocal about her desire to play with it. Probably because its the one thing they don't let any of the kids play with.... sad day.
This project was surprisingly easy and inexpensive. I picked out an unfinished, open back frame from Michaels (every few weeks all of the frames are 50% off) and a thick foam posterboard. I cut the posterboard to fit into the frame and hot glued on some felt.) I also painted the frame. I should have sprayed the painted frame with some sealant but I forgot. I took the frame and felt-covered posterboard back to Michaels with my reciept and they permently attached the 2 for free. They will also attach a bracket to hang the frame free of charge. The rest of the project was cutting out felt pieces to play with on the board. I used black puffy paint to decorate some of the pieces.
When I was all finished I painted a hobby lobby cardboard box the same color as the frame, filled it with all of the felt shapes, and tied it with a ladybug ribbon. Voila!

Update: make more than one set of eyes. Random things will go missing, and the entire face is pretty worthless if you only have one eye. We ended up making a set of blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, and cat eyes for fun.

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