Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Cupcake Stand

I adore these cheap easy cupcake stands, and will probably be making them for every event for awhile. Here are the ones I put together for the yellow and gray Little Man baby shower. Depending on which stand you look at, the bottom piece is a candle stick, wine glass, or vase. The top piece is a plate. I can get each piece for $.50 at goodwill, a can of spray paint for $5.00, and the epoxy adhesive for $3.00 at Michael's. The wine glass bases are the most sturdy, but I love the delicate look of thin candle sticks. When I get a specific color spray paint for an event, I also use the spray paint for favors, decorations or tissue paper pom poms. White tissue paper is much cheaper than colored, so make your tissue paper pom poms out of white, fluff them out and spray the desired color.

Here are some great cake stand tutorials:

from EatDrinkPretty

from Life with Little Ones

from The Sassy Pepper

from Goldiloks

from Artful Aussie

from Bird's Party

from Modern Momernts

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