Monday, February 13, 2012

Romance While Pregnant

It's getting really close to the arrival of baby Fisher. My hubby and I are incredibly excited for a our little family to grow, but I don't want us to miss out on the fun of these last few weeks alone together. The closer we get to the due date, the more our lives seem to revolve around the baby. We want to be just as purposeful in our romance with each other as we are in our future parenting. Setting aside time that is just for the 2 of us, without any "baby talk" has been wonderful. Being purposeful in being romantic together is always important, but trying to keep up with it during pregnancy has shown me 2 additional obstacles.
1. My body is an uncomfortable, ever-changing baby factory. Physical love can be more difficult. Romance through wine or sushi is out. Some days my moods or fatigue can make it hard for us to get out to do anything at all. Its easy for things to get centered around me and the baby, but important to keep reminding myself that hubby has needs too. I need to help him get recharged so he can keep nurturing me.

2. Our money-munching addition will be here soon. :) This means we need to get creative about dates-without-dollars. Here are some of my favorites:
Have an indoor picnic
Or an outdoor one

Take a walk with the pets out in nature or through the city. You could stop for
Starbucks, or make a thermos of hot cocoa before you leave. Baby-talk is off
limits, and end the day with some good physical love time.
Make a date all about him for once. Participate in his favorite activity and make his favorite dinner/ dessert.

Here are some sites with good lists of cheap date ideas:
Post image for Cheap Date Ideas for RMs
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