Friday, February 24, 2012

Princess Nail Polish tutorial

My nanny child Rosalie is turning 3 very soon. Since the theme of the party is Princess, I've been picking up anything I can find with a princess on it. I found Disney Princess nail polish online for $5.00 plus shipping, but it turned out to be only $1.00 a nail polish if I put it together myself. Plus I'm kidding myself if I wasn't dying for an excuse to craft. This could work with any theme you're looking for. Imagine: Dora, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Barbies, Ladybug... If there's a theme there can be a nail polish, lip gloss, bracelet, ring, candy, eraser, pencil,... to match it. All you need is the right packaging and the color of the object to match. If you can't find a sticker to go on your package, you could print out a picture.
Materials: stickers, nail polish color that will match the sticker you plan to pair it with, card stock to make the label, small baggies (found in the cake decorating section of the craft store), stapler, optional: something to decorate the label with (glitter, gems, ribbon, stickers etc...).
Assemble your package. I trimmed the baggie, folded the cardstock over the baggie, and stapled it shut. Notice the staple showing. When you decorate your package you can cover the staple.
Voila! Princess nail polish.

Isn't being a girl fun?! Here are some happy-go-girly nail polish ideas:
From EmeraldSparkled

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Did girly nails for my friend. She chose the colour combo and I’m loving it! :3
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From iamCHUCKyouarePIE
Owl nail art | I love owls, they’re really cute. I painted pink owls and there’s a feather on my nail but the photo is not so clear… I hope you like my pink owls! xoxo
From Oh My Nails

Update: This post is about a year old, made for a blog I no longer update. Rosalie loved the nailpolish and still refers to each one as "my cinderella nail polish" or "my belle nailpolish". So cute!

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